I compose and arrange music on commission.

The following ensembles and organizations are among those that have commissioned me to write music:

Thomas Circle Singers (James Kreger, Artistic Director)
Nora Roberts Foundation
Chorus Austin (Ryan Heller, Artistic Director)
Chorus America/American Composers Forum Dale Warland Singers Commissioning Fund
National Lutheran Choir (David Cherwien, Artistic Director)
Washington Master Chorale (Thomas Colohan, Artistic Director)
Bradley Hills Presbyterian Church (Matthew Robertson, Music Director)
Donald S. Sutherland Music Endowment
Cantor Emmanuel C. Perlman
Destination Peace
Young New Yorkers’ Chorus (Michael Kerschner, Artistic Director)
Hollywood Master Chorale (Lauren Buckley, Artistic Director)
The Esoterics (Eric Banks, Founding Director)
Arts and Humanities Council of Montgomery County (Maryland)
Volti (Robert Geary, Artistic Director)
WomenSing (Martin Benvenuto, Artistic Director)

The cost of commissioning music varies greatly depending on the ensemble, as well as the length and scope of the work. The Meet the Composer foundation has set up guidelines for commissioning music through their website. Click here to view these guidelines. I recommend that anyone new to commissioning music read this basic guide. My prices are negotiable. If you are interested in discussing a possible commissioning project, please contact me through this site.

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